Third Barrel

    I have always said that the first barrel is the money barrel but we cannot forget the third barrel. The third barrel can be one of the more difficult barrel because most of the time it is set off in the middle of the pen. Some of us forget that we have to turn three barrel to win. We might have a smoking run going and then bow off the third and costing you precious time.

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   Approaching the third barrel should be like the other two. A lot of people have a problem of bowing of the second barrel and causing a rainbow effect to the third barrel. When this occurs it will cause you to cut off your pocket and making you bow off the backside.  Another problem some people have the go into the barrel right but forget to finish the turn. This makes your horse run wide to the alley and losing valuable seconds.

    You want to approach your third barrel giving the right amount of space for your horse. Your horse will be running a lot harder to this barrel so you may want to check him down, get him on his rear end and ask him to turn. Don’t forget to finish the turn and hold your saddle horn around the turn and then pulling yourself up and hustle all the way home. Helping your horse have a good third barrel can maybe determine whether you end up the Champion of the 1D, reaching the pay window or falling in the cracks.

In a sport determined by thousandths of seconds we should do whatever is possible to make sure we do not waste any time as we strive for our winning run.