A Winning Record

Organization is a key piece to the puzzle of success in the sport of rodeo. Being able to keep detailed records of your horse’s care and performance can really make a difference. The importance of a complete schedule of things like dental work, vet work, travel arrangements and competitions will make all the difference in your horse’s future success. 

Planning your competition schedule out months in advance is a great habit to have especially if you have a yearend goal in mind. While lots of horses benefit from consistent hauling, you don’t want to overuse your horse. Allowing one weekend of rest a month is very beneficial. This is when knowing your horse will help you learn how many runs they can handle before they need a break.

The Martha Josey Plan to Win Record book has calendars that make it easy to plan and also includes pages for specific details for every race you attend. The best thing you can do is include all the information possible like what bit you used, warm up length, your time, distance hauled, any supplements or medications you gave, ground conditions and any changes you may have made. This will serve as a reference & guide as you track your horse’s progress through the competition year. A written record gives you the ability to track the patterns in his performance which can be affected sometimes by the smallest things.

You have probably noticed in magazines the abbreviation LTE listed by barrel horse names. This stands for Life Time Earnings. Keeping track of your horse’s earnings is important because it can help when putting your horse on the sale market. A seller with detailed records is more professional and increases his odds of selling a horse quickly. Buyers love to get a complete run down of the horse they are thinking of purchasing. Whether selling or making your plans for the year, consider a record book to help insure you and your horse’s success.