Where there is a will, there is a way.

When I started barrel racing, I had no arena, no cowboy boots, no barrel racing saddle and no entry fee money. But I hunted up three old trash cans and put them on a little spot of ground in my grandmother's meadow. Grandma's hay crop was not too good that year, but my barrel racing sure improved!

Being a goal setter is a must for every barrel racer. You've got to WANT the win! You have to set the goal, want it and then go for it.

Keep These Simple Principles In Mind So You Will Enjoy Your Barrel Racing

  1. Be prepared. Do your homework and then let your training work for you.

  1. Back off when things are not going as you have planned. This will allow you to gain the proper perspective needed to find the solution to your problems.

  1. Convert mistakes into learning opportunities.

  1. Haul with people who enjoy the sport and make it enjoyable for you.


We want to showcase YOU!

If you are a former Josey student be sure to keep us updated on all barrel racing and calf roping achievements!

We love hearing from all of our Josey Students, whether you win BIG or just have a good run. Here are a few from this past weekend!!

Reese Page –


Reese Page (age 13) got reserve (2nd place) in the Youth at the Kansas State Championship this past Sunday (9/24/17) with a run of 15.844 . This is her second year of going to the state championship. She has gone to the Martha Josey clinics this year & last year in June and has learned so much. Her run on Friday was a 16.733 and the middle of the pack. Her run Saturday was a 15.926 and put her on top of the list. the horse she was riding is the one she brought to the clinic.

Mark and Tami Cotner –


Dear Miss Martha,

My name is Faith May Cotner.  I am almost 11 years old and started riding horses about a year and a half ago.  I had the honor of attending one of your clinics last June and it was awesome.  Your team is coming to Sapulpa, Oklahoma in October and I'm hoping my parents will let me go to that clinic too.

My momma had gone to two of your clinics and she wanted me to have the experience, so we came together.  I learned alot when I came to Karnack last summer.  R.E., Ty, Lisa, and Gary were great.  I was bummed I didn't get to see you but you were recuperating from a horse accident.  I hope you are doing better.

As you can tell, my mom barrel races too so naturally I wanted to be like her.  We go to many jackpots and are NBHA members.  In fact, we are going to state in Shawnee, Oklahoma this weekend (and we qualified for World too).  I also run junior rodeos and participate in playdays.

Last night we had our NBHA OK 02 awards banquet.  I won my 2nd buckle but what I'm really excited about is that I also won a brand new 2 horse horse trailer.  My times aren't extremely fast yet, but my horse ran so consistently that I accumulated the most points in our district.

I want to thank you for all that I learned at your clinic last year and for your inspiration to all barrel racers.  When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

Katie Jo Keller –

2017 JOSEY RANCH, Spring I BR Clinic

I had just gotten my new horse a week before the clinic. She's my first real barrel horse. Before her, I was using an ol' ranch gelding (total opposite on cues and a peddle car!). The clinic taught me SO much. My mare is a free runner, so again totally different from what I was used to. Yet, we placed 5th in the 2D at the clinic!

My first rodeo after the clinic was the opening day of the Ozark Junior Regional Rodeo Assoc. series. I was a little nervous but remembered the information about how to handle pressure. I was the first one up for the Jr Barrels division.

I went in, had a great first barrel. I didn't make much of a pocket for second and bumped it on the way in, BUT we held it up leaving. We made a good third and left the arena with a 16.051!!!

We WON the 1D in Jr Barrels!!!! I know it's because of the clinic that I did so well!

Thank you so much. I know I still have a lot more to work on, but thankful to be making progress.

Paiten Williams –

2017 Newberry, Florida Team Josey Clinic

The Josey clinic in Newberry Florida, Aculife / Icewave was a hit! And YES, a Aculife patched horse WON the barrel race Sunday evening. Paiten Williams was on Ellie boy and her father, Kirk Williams was one proud daddy. After Team Josey works and the Aculife patching on Ellie boy we took 2 seconds of his run from Friday to Sunday! As always Team Josey Ty & Lisa Mitchel and Gary Arthur did a great job www.aculifenow.com/joseyranch

Jamye Sutherland, Pasadena, TX –

2016 Thanksgiving Clinic

After attending the Thanksgiving clinic for my granddaughter, I'm not sure where to begin. We were so excited before we even arrived, and as we pulled up the drive by the trophy room I actually got emotional. Casssadie Newell my granddaughter is both a novice with a new horse, so we were anxious, nervous and all the emotions imaginable, rolled into one big ball of "WOW.”

I can't express enough how thankful we are that we attended. It was a dream come true. The treatment we received by each and every staff member, and instructor was amazing and so positive. The information Cassadie learned and retained was amazing. We had a bumpy start on her first run but to receive the award for the most improved rider and win a Martha Josie halter was just more than we imagined! I was very emotional through out the whole process but that put me over the top! I can't thank you enough for your special treatment of my granddaughter and your positive reinforcement. I keep hearing that calming, sweet voice, "Whoa...Saddle Horn...look up..." LOL!

You and R.E.have placed God first in your life and your operations and he has truly blessed you., and now us. Arriving home tired,.sleepy, after the long drive, Cassadie remarked, "I wish I was still there, didn't want to leave! The only thing I can say I wish you had is an enclosed "great room" with a fire place and couches for people to meet and visit during the short breaks. We met so many wonderful people and shared information. It may not be a good idea though, we might never leave! Thank you so very much, I feel like we were in the presence of greatness this weekend. They need to make a movie of you and R.E.'s life...it would be very inspiring!

With deepest gratitude and respect.

Jamye D. Sutherland