We always have horses at different levels of training and competition at the Josey Ranch and at times it was difficult trying to ride each of these horses every day. This Priefert Panel Walker has provided us an excellent way to exercise and work more horses in the same amount of time, allowing us to ride and train at our best. Priefert walkers are safe, sturdy and easy to use.

The Priefert 'S Panel Walker Is The Pinnacle

Of Ease And Convenience.

The variable speed control feature on this walker is a big plus. It’s great for cooling out a horse and fast enough to keep a horse in top shape. Priefert has a full range of walkers to choose from, built for horsemen by horsemen. Every equine facility would benefit with a Priefert walker, it is the official walker of the Josey Ranch.

"There are serveral benefits to the Panel Walker by Priefert. The safety factor is greatly improved from traditional walkers. It is very durable and can handle a lot of stress. Most walkers allow horses to lazily exercise and it's a challenge to keep them moving. By turning them loose and driving the horses, they tend to be more alert mentally while physically getting a better work out.

It is a great way to warm up or condition your horse without the extra stress of carrying a rider!"

                                                                                                                                     - Ty Mitchell, Team Josey -


Martha keeps her horses in shape using her Priefert Horse Walker that she just loves!

Where there is a will, there is a way.

When I started barrel racing, I had no arena, no cowboy boots, no barrel racing saddle and no entry fee money. But I hunted up three old trash cans and put them on a little spot of ground in my grandmother's meadow. Grandma's hay crop was not too good that year, but my barrel racing sure improved!

Being a goal setter is a must for every barrel racer. You've got to WANT the win! You have to set the goal, want it and then go for it.

Keep These Simple Principles In Mind So You Will Enjoy Your Barrel Racing

  1. Be prepared. Do your homework and then let your training work for you.

  1. Back off when things are not going as you have planned. This will allow you to gain the proper perspective needed to find the solution to your problems.

  1. Convert mistakes into learning opportunities.

  1. Haul with people who enjoy the sport and make it enjoyable for you.