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Generations of Josey Students Continue to Find Success in the Arena

Generations of Josey Students Continue to Find Success in the Arena

In 1967 husband and wife R.E. and Martha Josey were having success in the rodeo arena, R.E. roping claves, and Martha running barrels. Through their success in the arena, they learned everything by trial and error, there were little to no coaches for the sport. Everyone was learning for themselves, and if they were winning not many wanted to share their secrets to success.

R.E. and Martha were living in Post, Texas when they decided to return to Martha’s home town Marshall, Texas to start a rodeo school. That same year the Josey Ranch hosted a two-week-long rodeo school with 100 students teaching them to run barrels and rope calves.

Today the Josey Ranch is home to the longest-running rodeo school in the world, hosting two week-long schools and celebrating its 55th year teaching students about this incredible sport. In the 55 years of Josey Schools and Clinics, The Ranch has seen hundreds of thousands of students, creating family traditions to attend Josey Clinics, many of which have now gone on to bring generations of their families to the Josey Ranch. Included in these students is third-generation Josey Student, Carly Grady, and her sister, Terryn. Carly and Terryn followed in their grandmother’s and mother’s footsteps as Josey Students and barrel racers.

“I am not sure how many clinics I have been to, but I’ve been coming to Josey’s since I was four,” said Carly. “The first time I was there, my mom led me through the pattern. Last September I won the clinic on Radar and two weeks later we qualified for our first American Semifinals. I love meeting new friends while I’m there.”

She and her partner, Radar Cats Merada, have been seeing huge success in the arena recently.

“Radar is a 7-year-old stallion out of Lee’s Dixie by Early Flyer and by Cats Merada,” Carly said. “My mom and dad bought him in August 2021 and I’ve been running him since. He is very much my horse. Mom says that we were made for one another. He is always in your personal space. If he had thumbs we’d all be in trouble. He drives everyone nuts, but he’s my best friend.”

Carly won both go-rounds in the Youth at the Lance Graves International Barrel Race held at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK a few weekends ago. She and Radar ran the two fastest times of the weekend with a 15.589 and a 15.373. This was the fastest time of the entire weekend including the Futurity, two Open races, two AQHA races, two LG Youth races, two Super Senior races, two KK Run for Vegas races, and the Adult Open.

“I don’t know what God has in store for Radar and I, but I know I’m going to have fun with him along the way,” Carly explained. “He’s so much fun, easy to ride and so fast. We have already qualified for the KK Run for Vegas, the Vegas Tuffest 12U and 19U, and the 2023 American semifinals. We won the 1st round of the Josey Jr World and I would love to win the Jr World next year. I don’t really know where we are going next. I just get in the truck when mom tells me to.”

The Josey Ranch is always thrilled to see our students doing so well.

“I love seeing my students win, because when they win, we win,” Martha said. “Teaching has been such a blessing, especially to have multiple families bringing generations of students here to learn.”

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