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Where there is a Will, There is a Way

When I started barrel racing, I had no arena, no boots, no barrel racing saddle, and no entry fee money. But I hunted up three old trash cans and put them on a little spot of ground in my grandmother's meadow. My grandma's hay crop was not too good that year, but my barrel racing sure improved!

When I wanted to learn how to barrel race there was nowhere to go and learn. That's why the Josey Ranch started the Josey Rodeo Schools. Today the Josey Ranch host clinics year-round to teaching students of all ages and experience levels.

Join us for a Clinic

The Josey Ranch Clinics are open to all ages and experience levels. Our instructors are trained to recognize and individualize their teaching style for each student to produce the best results with the highest amount of safety.

With three arenas in use, our classes go back to the basics, instill fundamentals, and teach students how to properly slow work and train.

Clinic Information

Join us on the beautiful Josey Ranch for a weekend filled with barrel racing. Our Clinics are open to all ages and experience levels of riders and horses. During a clinic riders will attend classes in three different arenas, in the classroom, and have the chance to make two competitive runs competing for prizes.

Riders will learn to look at the barrel pattern in a completely new way, learning fundamentals, going back to the basics. The clinic will be filled with ride time where students will learn how to properly slow work their horses, train at home, and receive one on one instruction during individual work. Students will also attend classroom sessions where they will learn about proper nutrition, how to review their videos, and check saddle fit for their horse.

Josey Summer Schools

The Josey Barrel Racing and Calf Roping Schools are the original schools of the Josey Ranch starting in 1967. The Josey's have taken students every summer since teaching future generations of champions. Recently they have even added a Breakaway School due to the demand from the growing sport.

The schools are open to all ages and experience levels. Each school runs for one week with barrel racers and calf ropers/breakaway ropers training separately. When signing up for the school, please make sure you select the school you want to attend. The school weeks will be full of saddle time, classes, demonstrations, and the famous shaving cream fight and Josey snipe hunt!

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