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Ready To Attend A Summer School?

Are you ready to come train with champions? Here is all the important information to know about Josey Summer Schools.

Josey summer schools are the original schools of the Josey Ranch. Students sign up for either the Barrel Racing, Calf Roping, or Breakaway camp and spend a week on the Ranch learning from our amazing instructors. Each of these schools will have lots of saddle time and some fun activities like a shaving cream fight, a talent show, and the snipe hunt!

Barrel Racers: We have two barrel racing schools in the month of June. Just like our Clinics, these schools are open to all ages and experience levels. During the schools, students will make three competitive/timed runs throughout the week. They will attend classes both in the arena and in the classroom to learn about all aspects of barrel racing. On the final day of the school barrel racers will make their final runs competing for prizes for most improved, and division prizes such as a Josey Circle Y Saddle, and Shea Michelle Buckles.

Calf Ropers: The Calf Roping school runs in conjunction with the first barrel racing weeklong school. Calf Ropers will be working mostly out of the Josey Roping alley learning about Roping, Flanking, Tying, and more. The ropers will compete in a Match Roping, Tournament Roping, and Ribbon Roping for the chance to take home some awesome prizes at the end of the week.

Breakaway Ropers: The Breakaway school runs with our second barrel racing school giving our ropers another week of great saddle time and breakaway roping instruction. Breakaway ropers will also have the opportunity to compete in a Match Roping, Tournament Roping, and the Josey Rope 'N' Run all competing for prizes awarded at the end of the summer school.


What if I am already signed up and then can't attend?

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If you cannot attend the clinic you registered for, your DEPOSIT (less a $25 processing fee) can be REFUNDED up to 21 days prior to the clinic date. After 21 days, the deposit is non-refundable.

There are exceptions where the clinic can be moved or refunded, if you believe you might be one of theses cases you can call our clinic coordinator.

When is my School Balance Due?

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Clinic balances and notarized forms are due to the Ranch 21 days before the start date of the clinic you are attending.

Is there a waiting list after the schools fill?

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Yes, the summer schools typically fill up months or even up to a year in advance. However, we do keep a waiting list once they fill.

If the school is full and you hope to attend please call the Josey Western Store at 903-935-5358 and asked to be put on the waiting list.

Rider Info

Is there an age limit for riders?

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We welcome students of all ages! We have had students ranging from 4 years old to 70 +.

Do all riders go through the same classes together?

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During schools, students are split into different groups (based on age) to rotate through our different arenas and classroom sessions. This way all students get a good amount of saddle time and horses get a break between riding classes.

Can I be put in the same group as my child?

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Yes, we have many parents that attend clinics with their children. Just make note of this when entering the clinic or at check-in when you arrive.

Are there any times I need to be in dress code?

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Yes, All students must be in dress code for their final runs/final roping and for pictures with Martha Josey and Josey Instructors. This includes a long sleve button up shirt, jeans, boots, and a hat or helmet.

If you don't have anything to wear we normally have some options in the Josey Western Store or recomend you check out our local Boot Barn or Cavendars!

Where is the best place to get updates about the School I'm attending?

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Each Josey Clinic has a Facebook Event Page where there are updates posted with important information. Here is how you find your group: Go to the facebook page Martha Josey - Josey Ranch and click the "More" Tab to get the menu options. Then Click the Events Tab and select your clinic. Make sure to mark yourself as "Going" to be notified when a post is made.

Do I need to bring Shaving Cream for the Shaving Cream Fight?

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Riders are more than welcome to bring their own shaving cream. However, we do sell some on the day of the event (limited quantity, not guaranteed).


Does my horse stay on the Ranch?

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Yes, each clinic entry comes with one stall for your horse. Additional stalls can be purchased for the clinic (avaibility limited).

Does my horse need a negative coggins?

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Yes, all horses entering the Ranch are required to have a negative cogging. If you are coming from out of state you may also need additional health papers.

Do I have to bring my own horse to the clinic?

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All students must bring a horse to the Ranch for a clinic. The Josey Ranch does not provide horses for students to ride during clinics.

Can I ride more than one horse during the school??

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The horse that students run in the "first runs" is the horse that they must finish the school on. Unless there is an injury or other acceptable situation.

Is there a stall fee?

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The stall fee for Josey Schools located in Marshall, TX is $100. This included the duration of your stay as horses stay overnight for the duration of the school. You are welcome to stay over for an additional night to leave the day following the conclusion of a school if needed.

What do I need to bring for my horse?

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You will need to bring enough hay and feed for the duration of the school. As well as plenty of buckets for hay and water. During clinics, our horses get a lot of riding time and need extra water, and possibly electrolytes. Keep the time of year in mind when packing.

Summer schools are hotter than most clinics. We recomend bringing a minimum of two buckets for water. Three is prefered or a big tub to go on the ground.

What do I need to bring for my horses tack wise?

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We want to see it all! If you have a set of tack you run your horse in and a different set you practice in bring both. We will have an equipment check the first night to make sure everything is safe. We also have classes where you are going fast and slow so bringing practice equipment and running equipment is great.


Can my child stay in the Dorms?

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Yes, since these are 7-day schools, we have a girls dorm and boys dorm available for children if parents cannot stay for the week. Each dorm has dorm parents to watch the children. Dorms are available on a first come first served basis.

Children will have access to showers and have curfew each night.

Can my child stay in our living quarters trailer?

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Yes, however if staying in a living quarters trailer or an RV, student must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Can I take my child off the Ranch during the week?

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All students leaving the ranch during the school must sign out at the office and sign back in when returning. They are allowed to leave with their parents or a chaperone who has been pre-approved by their parents. If the student wants to leave with a friend’s parent who was not pre-approved, parents will be contacted for approval.

Is there a way I can leave money for my student to buy meals?

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Yes, all school students are allowed to start a tab at the concession stand on the grounds. This can be done on the day of check in with parental approval. The credit card provided will be charged at the end of the week. The parent has the option to set a budget for the week.

Can I leave money in the Western Store for my student to buy equipment?

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We have gift cards available in the Western Store which can be loaded and reloaded for any amount. If there is a remaining balance at the end of the school we can refund it.

You have the option to keep the cards in store for easy transactions or students may keep the cards themselves.

Are parents allowed to stay the week?

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Yes, we love when parents stay for the week with their children. You are welcome to stay with your child in a living quarters trailer, RV, or hotel off the grounds.

General Information

Does the Ranch have restrooms and showers?

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Yes, there are restrooms located on the end of the Josey Western Store that has showers for students to utilize if their trailer does not have a restroom.

Does the Ranch have a concession stand?

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Yes, the Ranch concession stand is open for all three meals during the clinics. There are also several restaurants in town that support the Ranch, so if you are looking to eat in Marshall consider visiting one of the restaurants listed on our visitors' guide.

Are there hotels near the Ranch to say at?

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Yes! There are several hotels in Marshall that have special Josey Rates for our students. Check out the ones listed on our visitors guide.

Will there be a photographer?

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Stefanie Yoder will be the photographer for our final runs. She will take action shots of all students in their final runs as well as individual photos with Martha Josey and the Josey Roping Instructors.

They will be available for purchase ON SITE. She will not post them online so they must be purchased at the clinic.

This is where students must be in dress code.

Will there be a videographer

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Mark Burt with Mark's Video Production will be recording barrel racers three timed runs at the schools and final day roping. You can purchase your videos at the school.

Can I bring my dog?

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Yes, but dogs must be on a leash at ALL TIMES. Dogs are NOT allowed in the Dorms.

Does the Ranch offer RV's for rent during the schools?

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The Josey Ranch is now offering RV's or RV Spots for rent at the ranch by the day, week, or month. Please call for more information or pricing 903-935-5358

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