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The Josey Ranch welcomes Resistol as a Corporate Sponsor for 2023

The Josey Ranch welcomes Resistol as a Corporate Sponsor for 2023

Josey Ranch is proud to announce a Corporate Sponsorship with Resistol for the 2023 calendar year.

Resistol hats are worn by Martha Josey and her staff while training champions at their barrel racing clinics and schools. Resistol has made many contributions to the Josey Ranch events providing prizes and donations for the Josey Ranch Reunion Barrel Race and the Josey Jr World Barrel Race. This year the partnership will be extended to the corporate level with donations towards the growth of these two events as well as the Josey Ranch Clinics and Josey Gold Cup Senior Race.

“Through all my years competing in the rodeo circuit Resistol has been my hat of choice,” said Martha Josey. “I am thrilled to have support from Resistol as we work towards our 2023 events and clinics. We are proud to partner with a company that puts so much value in the western way of life.”

Resistol was founded by passionate hatters working daily to produce a quality cowboy hat that would withstand the rigors of day to day use on a ranch. Over time Resistol became the name that both working cowboys/cowgirls and rodeo cowboys/cowgirls have come to depend on for style and durability. The Resistol team has so much love and respect for both competitors and spectators of rodeo and anyone who supports the western way of life.

In 2023 Josey Ranch will host 17 events at the Ranch in Marshall, Texas. Josey Ranch Clinics host students from around the world, giving the opportunity to learn from World Champion Martha Josey and her talented group of instructors.

Along with these clinics, the Josey Ranch will host the Josey Reunion Barrel Race on May 4th-7th, a 4D Race open to all Josey Students. This event will be followed by the Josey Jr World Barrel Race on May 11th - 14th, a 4D race open to any barrel racer 20 years old and under. New to the Josey calendar this year is the Josey Gold Cup Senior Race on October 13th - 15th.


For Press Inquiries 
Contact: Ashley Schenck 
Director of Marketing 
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