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The “Triple Crown Senior World Championship” has been formed!

The “Triple Crown Senior World Championship” has been formed!

Three of the barrel racing industry’s oldest producers Martha Josey (Josey Ranch), Renea Bolling (Barrel Bash) and Lance Graves (LG International and LG Legacy Project) have united to promote and elevate barrel racing for competitors aged 50 and over across the nation! 

“The senior barrel races are the fastest growing faction in our barrel racing industry,” said Lance Graves barrel race producer and host of the first triple crown race. “The beauty of our sport is that you never get too old to be a barrel racer. We want to provide big rewards in a positive, fun filled competitive atmosphere for the very people that have dedicated their lives developing and supporting the barrel racing industry that we all enjoy today.”

By joining together, the Triple Crown Senior World Championship (TCSWC) can offer this exciting “triple crown” format where each rider/horse team can accumulate points toward an overall “Triple Crown Senior World Champion” title in five separate divisions from 1D through 5D. 

The first leg will be the upcoming “LG Fall Festival” August 25-27, 2023 held at the Lightning C Arena in McAlester Oklahoma. 

The second leg will be the exciting new “Josey Gold Cup” held October 13-15, 2023, at the legendary Josey Ranch near Marshall, Texas. 

“My team and I are so excited about the Triple Crown,” said Womens Professional Rodeo Association World Champion Martha Josey. “We were already thrilled for our first-ever Senior Barrel Race. Now to be partnered with Lance and Renea, to bring this new opportunity for senior competitors is honestly just the best thing ever.  I especially love that our point system is awarded to each horse and rider team. This makes it the perfect opportunity to showcase our amazing equine partners.  Whenever I hear the phrase “Triple Crown” I am reminded of the day I had my photo taken with the great horse Secretariat. Won’t it be fun to crown the Secretariat of barrel racing!” 

The final stop and third leg of the TCSWC will be the “Seniors Only Barrel Bash” held October 20-22, 2023, at the Shawnee Expo Center in Shawnee, Oklahoma where all TCSWC Champions will be crowned!

“We are excited to be a part of the inaugural Triple Crown Senior World Championship,” exclaimed barrel race producer Renea Bolling. “Our Shawnee, Ok race is our 3rd Seniors Only production, and it has definitely proven to be a favorite for all involved! A Barrel Bash LEGEND award will be given at our 50’s theme party on Saturday night. We encourage everyone to dress up in your favorite 50s outfit and join in the fun!”  

There is no fee to enter the Triple Crown Senior World Championship. Points will automatically be tallied on all eligible riders throughout the 3 events.  To follow the leaderboard please join our Facebook page at

Where to Enter Each Race



Josey Saddle

4 NFR Tickets 

Triple Crown Trophy





Riders must be 50 as of AUG 25, 2023 (all ages will be figured from this date) and compete in all 3 events.  

Event Dates:

Aug 25-27, 2023, McAlester, OK LGLP Fall Festival (MUST ENTER AT LEAST 2 DAYS)

Oct 13-15, 2023, Karnack, TX Josey Gold Cup 5D Senior Barrel Race (2 LONG GOS/SHORT)

Oct 20-22, 2023, Shawnee, OK Seniors Only Barrel Bash (2 LONG GOS/SHORT)


TRIPLE CROWN Sr World Championship points will be awarded in each division (1D-5D) from the Lance Graves Legacy Project Fall Festival, Aug 24-27 McAlester, OK (Senior Side pot Fri-Sat-Sun) and the Josey Gold Cup 5D Senior Barrel Race Oct 13-15, Josey Ranch Karnack, Tx (2 long gos and short go), Seniors Only Barrel Bash, Oct 20-22, Shawnee, OK (2 long gos and short go)

20 points will be awarded to the first-place rider/horse in each division, 19 points for 2nd place, etc., down to 2 points for 19th place. Any horse/rider that has a qualified time in a division will receive at least 1 point.

(There will be no points awarded FOR A NT, DOWN BARREL, BROKEN PATTERN, ETC.)

In the case of a tie for times, the contestants tied will all receive the same points. (Example; 3-way tie for first place – all three riders will receive 20 points and 4th place would receive 17 points. 

Points will be awarded to horse/rider combinations and tallied by divisions.

Points will be tabulated following the short go of the Seniors Only in Shawnee, Ok and awards and Triple Crown Senior World Championship titles will be awarded at this event. A HORSE/RIDER combination MUST compete at all three “Triple Crown” events to be eligible for awards. In the case of a tie for championship awards, we will go back to most first place (or highest placing) finishes.

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