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Barrel Racer Christmas Gift Guide Stocking Stuffer Edition

Barrel Racer Christmas Gift Guide Stocking Stuffer Edition

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for the barrel racer in your life? Look no further! 

The Josey Western Store offers a lot of amazing products for barrel racers and barrel horses, but the best part is each product in the store is one that Martha Josey and the Josey Instructors all use and believe in. 

MVP Gastro-plex Performance Paste 

Protecting your horses gut is a huge part of keeping your barrel horses healthy. 

GASTRO-PLEX™ is recommended to help support healthy gut function. Often used prior to and during event competition.

Excellent for use during periods of stress - Horse shows, hauling, competition. Just provide 1-2 hours prior to the run or stressful situation. 

Josey Ranch Cap

This classic Josey Cap is sure to make any barrel racer smile Christmas Morning! 

Flair Strip

Your horse can only breathe through its nose, so when the soft outer nasal passage tissue collapses during strenuous exercise, your horse can’t get the oxygen it needs without expending additional energy.

Flair Equine Nasal Strips gently support nasal passages, the narrowest part of the upper airway, so horses breathe easier and perform at their best. FLAIR Strips are a drug-free, simple, cost effective tool for supporting the long-term respiratory health of all equine athletes that perform, in both training and competition, with undaunted enthusiasm and heart.

Martha Josey Training To Win DVD 


The best way to learn is from a winner. Martha Josey is one of the winningest barrel racers of all time. In this DVD Martha shares the knowledge she's gained through years of training and competing on young horses.

She covers selection of a winning horse, explaining the role of blood lines, conformation, athletic ability, and attitude have in overall performance. She describes special qualities to look for in your prospective champion. She also covers in this DVD, conditioning and basic training, starting a young horse on barrels, correcting problems, and preparing for the first competition. 55 minutes.

Haydock Nylon One Eared Headstall

These custom made nylon one eared headstall are perfect for trailing or competition.  They are well made with quick change Conway Buckles.  Mr. Haydock only uses quality materials on his headstalls so you don't have to worry about the buckles corroding or the nylon breaking.  They come in a variety of colors and are a favorite here at the Josey Ranch.




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