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Barrel Racer Christmas Gift Guide!

Barrel Racer Christmas Gift Guide!

The Christmas season is here and our barrel racers are ready to hit the 2023 Rodeo Season running! So what should you get the barrel racer in your life for Christmas? Here are our top picks from the Josey Ranch: 

The Josey Western Store offers a lot of amazing products for barrel racers and barrel horses, but the best part is each product in the store is one that Martha Josey and the Josey Instructors all use and believe in. 

The Josey Million Dollar Bit 

Josey Million Dollar Bit

The Million Dollar has seen success in rodeo arenas across the world. This bit features a stainless steel 3-piece twisted wire dog bone snaffle mouthpiece and a rope noseband. Equipped with a 7” shank, the Million Dollar bit is ideal because pressure is evenly distributed on the nose, bars, corners of the mouth, curb, and poll. This bit is built to fit a multitude of horse-rider combinations. It is one of our all-time proven favorites at the Josey Ranch. This bit features the same rope noseband, same action and mouthpiece as the Short Shank Combination but a longer shank for the horse that needs more "Whoa."

Professionals Choice 2XCool Sport Medicine Boots

Josey Ranch 2XCool Sport Boots

The Professional’s Choice 2XCool Sports Medicine Boot was designed around COOLING, COMFORT, and DURABILITY. This neoprene-free boot is constructed with ultra-lightweight, super-breathable materials that provide the support and 4-way stretch Professional’s Choice boots are known for.

The liner of the boot is made with 2XCool performance fabric by brrr°, a technologically-advanced textile that combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect” that instantly and continuously draws away heat and moisture.

A new stretch Kevlar patch on the suspensory strap flexes with every step to provide ultimate support and durability without restricting freedom of movement. The Professional’s Choice 2XCool Sports Medicine Boots featuring brrr° will keep your horse’s legs cool, dry, and protected.

5 Star "All Around" 7/8 Pink Felt Saddle Pad

Josey Ranch 5 Star Pad

The All Around 5 Star Saddle Pad is our #1 Seller. It is a great pad for Barrel Racing, Trail Riding, and Roping as well as Smaller Skirted Saddles. The 100% pure virgin wool felt wicks away moisture, cleans up easily and stabilizes your saddle with limited cinching. Wear leathers provide protection and durability. Plus, the flex fit wither cut fits a variety of horses. 

MVP Gastro-plex Performance Paste 

Protecting your horses gut is a huge part of keeping your barrel horses healthy. 

GASTRO-PLEX™ is recommended to help support healthy gut function. Often used prior to and during event competition.

Excellent for use during periods of stress - Horse shows, hauling, competition. Just provide 1-2 hours prior to the run or stressful situation. 

Flex Form Toklat Cinch with Memory Foam

Josey Ranch Toklat Cinch

Give your horse the gift of comfort with a Toklat Cinch. With 1/2" layer of cushioning FlexForm Memory Foam conforms and molds to horse's sternum and rib cage, allowing the horse's barrel to expand and relax comfortably. 

Josey Original Knotted Barrel Reins

Josey Ranch Knotted Reins

The ORIGINAL knot reins designed by Martha Josey and Jerry Beagley, these knotted reins are hand braided with strategically placed knots to let your hands know where they should be without looking down. Variety of colors available; for quick removal or change-over, comes with two brass snaps which avoid corrosion. 

Josey Ranch T-shirts

Josey Ranch t-shirt

Check out our many options of Josey T-shirts and Caps that are perfect for the long days at the barn or your local Jackpot! 

Martha Josey "Run to Win with Me" Book

Martha Josey Run To Win With Me

Give the gift of knowledge! Almost five decades of experience and insight have gone into this book of horsemanship and barrel racing. This book should be a textbook for anyone who rides a horse, especially in competition.

2023 Martha Josey Barrel Racing and Rodeo Horse Record Book

Part of winning is planning ahead and staying organized.  Martha's customized Plan to Win Record Book is designed to help you do just that! 

Features include: 

  • A section to write down your goals
  • Association membership tracker
  • Horse health record
  • A monthly calendar planner,
  • Detailed event tracker
  • Expense tracker
  • Association points tracker
  • Accomplishments tracker  

Being able to see all of this information in black in white will really help you identify strengths, and highlight the areas where you want to get stronger.  It will help you map our your game plan to elevate yourself to success. 













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